P90X: The First 30 Days

One of my goals for this year, has actually been on my to-do list for the last 2 years, is to go back to a weight below 200 lbs. At the start of each new year, since graduating from college, I’ve made it my goal to shred some pounds, I start diets and going to the gym only to find myself at the end of the year in square one: overweight. This year I did start a “diet” which really means that I’m eating healthier and smaller portions, but I didn’t plan any specific exercise routine per se. I did know that I wanted to reach my goal by October, a goal that I share with a co-worker who told me all about his diet and about an exercise program he wanted to try out. The exercise program is called P90X.

I went online to try to get some info on this P90X thing and all I could find was infomercial crap and some youtube videos of people’s transformations using the program. I said to myself “heck, got nothing to lose” and got the P90X Extreme Home Fitness with Tony Horton – DVD set @ Amazon. I have to admit I was very skeptical about the P90X program, but to my surprise it is really intense.

So far I’ve been on the program for 30 days and I feel very good both mentally and physically. My actual weight has not gone down dramatically (~7 lbs) but I attribute this to my decision of not following the program’s dietary strategy. I do know that the diet plan will help me shred more weight that the just the exercise routines, but it is really difficult for me to adhere to the plan. Anyhow I must say that I still have to master all the routines, ab-ripper, plyometrics and core synergistics are IMO a bitch, the rest of the routines I can manage well. From all the routines that come on the DVD set (12 routines in all) my favorite ones are: Kempo-X, Yoga-X and Cardio-X.

I have to say that I’m very happy with the program and there seems to be a lot of community support on the internet. For instance when I started tweeting about my P90X experience, other fellow users replied back offering help and support. I have to say though, some of them where actually “spamming”, but others where real people, interested in only helping. I’ll try to make posts when I reach days 60 and 90 to document my progress. I really want to reach my goal this year, lets see if P90X can help me reach it, as Tony Horton would say bring it! I know I’m up for it.

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