Thoughts On Health Care Reform

The infamous Obamacare has been signed into law and that’s that;  now the real fun begins.  Let me be clear, there are certain things that I do like that are on the bill, more specifically:

  • That insurers should accept customers who have preexisting conditions.
  • Children can be under their parents’ insurance up to 26 instead of 21.
  • No Lifetime cap.

I do understand that they cost money, however I do not mind paying a reasonable amount of money to have them.  Just as there are things that I like about the HCR (Health Care Reform) there are things that I do not like.  Many of the things that I’m against have been put in place to finance the operation i.e. everyone must have health insurance or else; penalties for employers who do not offer basic health care plans; etc.  Economically they make sense, it is a form to pay for health care without raising taxes directly.  However, it limits the options that a citizen has… it is in essence limiting the citizen’s freedom to choose.  This issue is being raised by many states (including my home state of Florida) who question the constitutionality of the new law.  Personally I think that the Supreme court will rule in favor of the bill.  Why? because they will see the current suit as a political move –plain ‘ol propaganda.  However, I see more suits down the road where they will bring a legitimate argument to the table and challenge specific sections of the bill rather than attacking it as a whole.  At least that’s what I expect/want to happen.

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